Regional Dialogues

CONDESAN - Diálogos regionales


As an appetizer for the International Mountain Day in December 2021, CONDESAN, the Humboldt Institute and UNEP propose having three virtual meetings to exchange knowledge and experiences on the sustainable management of paramos and other high mountain ecosystems in the Andes and other regions of the world.

Like the name already suggests, these regional dialogues will open important spaces for discussion and learning about the latest and most innovative sustainable mountain development experiences, bringing together key specialists once a month: the third Thursdays in September, October and November.

These dialogues intend to bring science closer to practice and politics, and to guide sustainable management processes based on the most up-to-date knowledge and new experiences available. Different key actors are invited to contribute and also to benefit from this exchange, including decision-makers, community organizations, inhabitants and users of these ecosystems, practitioners and researchers.

CONDESAN - Diálogos regionales


To promote spaces for the exchange of knowledge and innovative experiences on strategies for the integrated management of paramos and other high mountain ecosystems, in the Andes and other regions of the world.


Each dialogue will be developed under the same structure. Based on a selected topic, each meeting will be held as follows:

  • Welcome words
  • An initial context lecture on the progress made on that topic
  • An expert panel of four talks: three Andean presentations plus one presentation from another region of the world
  • A Q&A session
  • Conclusions and recommendations

At the end of the three dialogues, in November, we will prepare a policy brief with specific recommendations on how to face the current and future challenges for the sustainable management of paramos and high mountain ecosystems. This document will be a key input during the International Mountain Day, in December.

Download our program for October and November


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